Sutton Sheep Trail
20th December 2020
9:30- 16:00
Before the shepherds leave to go to Bethlehem to see baby
Jesus, they need your help to find their sheep!!
The sheep have run off and we believe they are hiding in
and around houses in Sutton, Langley and Lyme Green.
The shepherds need your help to tell them where they are.
From 19th December you will need to go around, safely,
with an adult and find as many sheep as possible. Take a pen
and paper to write down their names and where you find
Please then leave your list, with your name and contact
details, in the box at the Nativity scene on the Pleasance
(emptied daily) by 24th December.
The shepherds will then be able to
round them up before going
to Bethlehem to welcome
baby Jesus.
There may even be prizes for
the ones who find the most!
Sutton St James
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