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Sunday 4th October 202010:30Sutton, St James, Holy Communion
Due to current restrictions please can you register with Judith if you wish to attend this service, she will be taking names from Tuesday 29th September Call: 01260 253945 or email: pastoral@peakparishes.org.uk
Sunday 11th October 202008:00Wincle, St Michael's, Holy Communion
10:30Sutton, St James', Morning Prayer for Harvest
11:00 - 16:00Bosley Methodist Chapel walk through Harvest.
Sunday 18th October 202010:30Sutton, St James, Family Worship
Sunday 25th October 202009:30Bosley, St Mary's, Holy Communion
10:00Wildboarclough, St Saviour's, Harvest
10:30Sutton, St James', Family Communion
11:00Wincle, St Michael's, Morning Prayer
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