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About St Saviour

The parish of St. Saviour’s Wildboarclough is located in the heart of the white peaks some 5 miles west of Buxton and bordering the three shires of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. It comprises areas of wood and moorland, farmland, reservoirs, streams and rocky heights, all within a comparatively small area. As such it is a great tourist attraction and is blessed by a wealth of nature trails whilst also being a conservation area for several species of bird, including curlews and raptors.

St Saviour’s is a grade II listed traditional stone church situated in a beautiful, peaceful churchyard that is cherished and valued by all the community. It was constructed in 1901-9 by the 16th Earl of Derby “as a memorial for the safe return of his sons from the South African War.” Frederick Arthur Stanley had more reason than most fathers for thankfulness, because five of his eight sons served in the Boer War, his eldest being private secretary to Field Marshal Lord Roberts, the Commander-in-Chief.

The church comprises a West Tower, Nave, Chancel and Vestry in Gothic revival style, which is virtually unaltered since completion. The workers employed on the estate carried out all the building work. The carpenters were responsible for the roof, which is of oak; the boarding above the rafters is a style common among Derby estate buildings, and so the craftsman worked to a familiar pattern.

The church interior is illuminated by two clerestory windows on the south side, with square-headed mullioned windows made up of tinted diamond or lozenge quarries of blue, green or clear glass, running the length of the Nave on both the north and south sides. At the entrance to the church is the font, symbolising entry into the church by baptism. The oak cover is decorated on top with a carved lamb, to represent Christ, the Lamb of God. It is particularly appropriate in our context where sheep are form a significant part of the local rural economy.

Our doors are always open during the day offering a place of sanctuary, ministering to pastoral and spiritual needs, as well as a space for quiet contemplation for the many visitors coming to this part of the peak district. Our mission is to provide a place at the heart of our community that all can call ‘home’, a place of belonging, a place of safety and of hope, a place of joy and pride, where we can come together to find support, encouragement, comfort and be truly valued.

We are a small but very welcoming congregation and we would love you to join us. In addition to regular services we hold special festival events to celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter and we are open for baptisms, funerals and weddings. We are twinned with the neighbouring parish of Wincle, where we share Remembrance, Plough and Rogation services as well as taking part in the annual Rushbearing service in August at our mother parish of Macclesfield Forest. Every year we hold our Rose Queen fete and fell run on the May Bank holiday, which is held in the grounds of Crag Hall, and is enthusiastically supported by the whole parish and beyond and which should not be missed!


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