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Bosley, St Mary's October 21 News

On the 28th of September the Camino to COP 26 passed through the village on their way from London to the COP26 summit in Glasgow.  We were able to host the group for lunch and some children from school came over to meet with them and ask them many questions about the walk and about the Coat of Hopes which is worn on the walk.  While the walkers were sustained with hot soup and sandwiches, several of the children tried on the coat.  They also had the opportunity to answer some of the walkers’ questions about their hopes for the future of our planet.  The Coat of Hopes now has another patch which will be added to the coat before it reaches Glasgow, to mark the visit.

You can read more about the Camino to COP visit here: Camino to Cop and see pictures of the Coat of Hopes on their Instagram Page

Bosley School have had a very exciting start to the new school year, you can read all about it and see some photographs of the many activities the children have been involved with here: Bosley School News.

News from around the Village: Village News

Sylvia Jenkinson MBE died on 4th September. She was the heart and centre of the village of Bosley and was involved in everything that went on, helping to set up and organise events, a school governor, parish councillor, PCC member. She was not one to just be a member she was a doer in all aspects of village life especially anything when the children were involved.  She helped organise the Rose Queen fete, making sure all the children were involved, running the Youth Club, baking with the children at school, making sure they all had a Christmas present, organising activities during the school holidays, and when the Mill Disaster occurred set up the appeal and her house was the hub where everyone came with their problems.  She brought the village together with the many events to make money for the village, instigated a grant for the play area, running car boot sales and many other activities always with a smile and never putting herself forward or expecting anything in return. She will be sadly missed.  

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