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History and Church Records

The St James records are not available on line or on disk, they only exist as hard copies.  They can be inspected in person (but a small fee may apply).  If you should ever wish to arrange to inspect the registers etc  please use the contact page and we will send you further details on how to contact the St James Clerk who looks after the records. 

One of the confusing aspects that may arise in trying to trace 'Sutton' details is that the borders of Sutton have moved over the years.  Sutton now is effectively separate from  Macclesfield.  But that was not always the case.

St James Church was built in 1840 in what was then 'Higher Sutton', but is now 'Sutton Lane Ends' and was (and is) often referred to as simply 'Sutton'.

St George's was one particular church that was in the 'old' area of Sutton.  St George's was in existence pre-1840 in what was then 'Lower Sutton'.  St George's is now 'de-commissioned' as a church and all the old Sutton St George registers etc are held at the Cheshire Archives and Local Records.

As such, if your research indicates that an ancestor simply came from 'Sutton, Macclesfield' you may need to look at the records of a different 'Sutton' church. Sorry if this all seems a bit confusing but we hope it helps.

A short guide to the Commonwealth War Graves in Sutton St. James Graveyard is avalible here 


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