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Procedures and information

Please click here to see the Benefice's Safeguarding Policy. This gives details of how the Benefice deals with its safeguarding responsibilities in trying to ensure that all its churches and activities are safe for all.

On this page you will find links to other supporting documents and forms we use.

Benefice Roles and Documents
Recruitment of Volunteers
Documents for Volunteers and Group Leaders
Documents for Parents & Carers

Information about the Church of England national safeguarding policies and procedures can be found at:

Information about Chester Diocese Safeguarding can be found at :


PSO Role Description
This gives details of the role and responsibilities for the Parishes Safeguarding Officer.  This person has a central role for the Benefice and for the individual parishes in relation to safeguarding.
PCC Safeguarding Representative Role Description
This gives details of the role and responsibilities for someone who has been appointed as the Safeguarding Representative for their parish.
Safeguarding Annual Review template
This is a document used to assist an annual review to ensure the Benefice is still meeting all its safeguarding requirements.
Promoting a Safer Church Poster
This poster is on display in each church in the Benefice.
Volunteer Recruitment Process
This gives details of the Benefice's approach to dealing with the safeguarding requirements when there is a new volunteer.


Recruiters guide to DBS
This is used by the Benefice as a guide towards the DBS requirements.
Volunteer Discussion Record
This is used by the Benefice to record a discussion with someone who wishes to be volunteer for one of the church activities.
DBS letter to Volunteers
This letter will be sent to someone who wishes to be volunteer giving details of how they obtained their DBS certificate.
Letter to parents
Letter to parents - Bell Ringers

These letters are issued by the Benefice to give information to the parents of a child who is taking up a church activity.


Guidelines for Handling Disclosures of Abuse or Safeguarding Concerns
This document gives advice and information to help deal with a disclosure of abuse safeguarding concern that has been made to them.
Activity Risk Assessment Form
This is a form to be used for assessing the risks that may be involved in a proposed event.
Risk Assessment Guidance
This gives guidance to help carry out a risk assessment and includes details of some specific requirements.
Events Register
This is a form to be use to record who has attended an event.
Volunteer Job Role
This gives details of the principles, requirements and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding.
Volunteer Declaration
Volunteer Declaration - Bell Ringers

These are a form to be completed by a volunteer to confirm that they have understood their safeguarding role and responsibilities.
Filling in your DBS application online
This gives details as to how volunteer makes their online DBS application.  Reference will need to be made to this once the volunteer has received a letter from the Benefice as that letter will include information that is needed when making the online application.
Volunteer Driver Agreement form
This form will need to be completed by a volunteer who has said they are willing to be a driver transporting children and vulnerable adults in private vehicles in relation to the church event and the transport arrangements have been made by the PCC.
Volunteer Support Sheet - Bell Ringers
This is an information sheet that will be given to a volunteer who is to help in the training of bell ringers.


Transport Consent Form
This is a form to be completed by a parent or carer to confirm that permission has been granted for the named person to be transported in in private cars/minibus provided for church run activities/groups.
Registration Form - Activities and Trips
This is a form to be completed by a parent or carer giving information about the named person, eg contact details, allergies.


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