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February Benefice News

This month's news: 

Nest in the Tower

Now we know why the Jackdaw was making such a noise when our bell ringers returned St James' to ringing last summer.  A massive thank you to Tim and Charlie who are doing a phenomenal job clearing the tower of Jackdaw's enormous nest.



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Wincle School Report

February was a very busy month for the pupils at Wincle as there were many special events that were celebrated and focused upon. This was on top of an already busy curriculum.

As well as marking the Lunar New Year, Children’s Mental Health week also took place in February.  To mark this the Healthy School Committee led a number of assemblies throughout the week on how important it is to look after our own mental health.

The school also held a non-uniform day to raise funds for Visyon, who are a charity who support pupils with their emotional wellbeing. We successfully manged to raise over £100 for this charity highlighting how wonderful it is to see our pupils leading for change.

E-Safety Day took place on 8th February, and this supported the pupils in learning how to stay safe online. The pupils debated whether or not screen use can be beneficial and the pupils in Jupiter wrote a balanced argument on this point. Learning how to stay safe online is of paramount importance for our pupils and most importantly, where they can go for help if they need it.

As you can see, life in Wincle is busy, but the pupils remain shining like a star in all that they do and for this, they were treated to an end of half term disco with a Valentine’s theme.

You can read the full school report here: School Report

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Wincle and District WI


Wincle and District WI met this month on the 1st February, and for the evening they had a very special guest speaker he is an actor, racing driver and dancer, Kelvin Fletcher from the ongoing BBC1 Documentary ‘Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure’, a six part series.

Kelvin spoke to the ladies of Wincle WI about his career to date from his time in Emmerdale, his brief stint in LA and now his big farming adventure.

You can read all about the meeting in their monthly report Here

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Memories of Wincle


As they prepare to move away Kate Wilcock shares some memories of her time in Wincle. However it is not all farewell as  Kate's father continues to garden around the village and she teaches Pilates on Monday evenings at the Swythamley Centre. You can read all about the familes time in Wincle here.

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